Tattoo Prices

Paying for Quality

While Ink Lab Tattoo Studio may be considered cheaper than most international rates, we are proud of our superior quality in the town of Siem Reap.
It is possible to get a twenty dollar tattoo in town however, you’ll immediately recognize the significant differences between a $20 tattoo and the ones done in our studio.

Experienced Artists

We care about you and your tattoo.
Our tattoo artists have many years of combined experiences working in New Zealand, North America and Europe. Tattooing is their life and their deepest love. Their loyalty is to beautiful tattoos, if you come in with a design that can be refashioned in order to hold up well over time, they will let you know. They will work closely with you to make sure that you get the best form of art that will last your lifetime.

Flawless Hygiene

Ink Lab is proud to have the highest hygiene standard in town.
Our artist took courses in the Prevention of Spread of Blood-borne Pathogens, both in Europe and the US. She strictly upholds and follows these standards, most especially here in Siem Reap where it may be overlooked by most.

Unique and Custom

We will work with you to design your perfect tattoo.
Our focus is on quality so if you want a beautiful custom-made piece that only you will ever wear, we are more than glad to take the time to design an artwork exclusively for you.

If you want someone to take your twenty and scribble some crap on you, then you have plenty of stops for that around town. If you want someone to work with you to create something special that you will be proud to wear for life, Ink Lab is your only choice.

Your Ink Lab Tattoo Team