Our Hygiene Standards

For a Healthy Tattoo

Things can get pretty dodgy in the world of tattoos in South East Asia – here are the basics to keep yourself safe.

Most shops will claim to be clean, but you need to be armed with enough information to discern for yourself if they truly care about your health and safety.

Here are some questions to ask to find out if the shop you’re going into follows basic health practices:

  • Do you use disposable needles and tubes? If not, do you have an autoclave? May I see it? (look up a picture of an autoclave on Google – an autoclave is NOT a pressure cooker, and it is not an ultrasonic cleaner.)
  • How long has the artist been tattooing? Where did they tattoo before?
  • May I see the artist’s portfolio?
  • What kind of disinfectant do you use to clean the studio? Standard household disinfectants are NOT at all sufficient. Medical disinfectants are necessary to kill blood-borne pathogens. Hep C, for example, can be transmitted in less than a full droplet of blood, and can survive outside the body for at least sixteen hours at room temperature.
  • Can you please open the needles and tubes you will use on my tattoo in front of me?
  • Have you had any training in the prevention of blood-borne pathogens?

Be careful and value your health. Don’t risk lifelong problems to save a few dollars. It’s not worth it!

With us, you can be sure that “100% western hygiene standards” aren’t just words, it is our promise. Tattoos are more than just how we make our living, tattoos are our passion!

Your Ink Lab Tattoo Team